Sustainable Ranching Strategies

Ranchlogs provides environmental stewardship audits and financial management strategies for beef cattle operations in the western United States.


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Building Successful Habitats SinceĀ 2014

Are you looking to earn a few extra dollars for your environmental stewardship efforts? Ranchlogs provides beef cattle operations with third-party habitat conservation, environmental stewardship, and wildlife friendly ranch production audits.

Making an Impact Across the West

Ranching in harmony with wildlife can pay large dividends to both your bottom line and to the long term health of your ranch. Contact us today for a free consultation about how you can become more profitable and sustainable.

Fiscal responsibility improves sustainability

Knowing your costs down to the blade of grass are essential to managing your cattle operation in a financial and environmental way. Ranchlogs can help your operation get on track with budgeting, cash flow, operating ratios and more.

Ranching with wildlife pays

Ranches that participate in the Wildlife Friendly Ranching program often earn two times the premiums per head than organic and all-natural programs. Combined premiums from an all-natural and wildlife friendly ranching operation often top $53 per head.


Average Premium Above All-Natural


Average Premium Per Head Wildlife Friendly

Management Software

Ranchlogs can help you better manage your grazing and financial records with the help of cloud-based software platforms. We can set your operation up with the latest productivity tools, mapping software, and managerial accounting tools.

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